Food Calories List

The Food Stalker’s Food Calories List is a repository of everyday foods with their calories and other nutritional information. Our food list is useful to people who want to compare calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sugars, sodium and more in different foods and competing brands. This food list is far too big to simply scroll through! Type a food query in the Food Search box to see a list of results with caloric values per recommended serve and Nutrition Facts (including macros) for a specific food:

The Food Stalker updates this list all the time. If you can’t find the food you’re looking for, why not send us a note and we will try to research and add it to our list?

List of High Calorie Foods

The highest calorie foods are often those which contain a large proportion of fat by weight. This is because fat releases more than double the energy (calories) of carbohydrates and protein on a weight-to-weight basis. Fatty foods like bacon, butter-rich sauces, and creamy desserts tend to have far more calories per 100 grams than foods with little or no fat. Here are some high-calorie fatty food lists from The Food Stalker’s Food Calories List:

Click this picture of bacon to see a long list of bacon!

Shakes (milkshakes, thickshakes) have a high fat content.

Butter, vegetable oil, lard, and all other fat ingredients make for high calorie food!

Sauces made from high-fat ingredients are calorie dense.

Sugary Foods List

Sugary foods, whilst lower in calories than fatty foods on a weight for weight basis, are arguably the biggest source of calorie surpluses in our modern diets. This is because they are so easy to over-indulge, owing in no small part to their “fast-burn” rate. Sugar provides energy quickly, and it does sate hunger as well as fatty or high-protein foods. Thus, people have a bigger capacity to eat more than their bodies need. Since naturally sweet food is quite rare, much of the sugary food we eat is highly processed and low in micronutrients. Have a look at some sugary foods from our calories database:

Candy (unless its sugar-free) is the epitome of sugary food!

Since pure cocoa is bitter, lots of sugar is usually added to chocolate products.

Soda is basically just flavoured sugar water! Click the picture to see a list of sodas.

You could spend all day browsing all of The Food Stalker’s food calorie lists, but it might be more efficient to go directly to the specific food you are interested in. You can do this by searching the food name. Type something specific into the search box to see a results list: