Calorie Counter

The Food Stalker’s Calorie Counter is an awesome, (free!) food diary, nutrition tracker, calorie tracker, and weight tracker in one! You can count your calories, log what you eat, record your measurements, make detailed daily notes, and see your weight-loss progress with your own personalized Food Stalker Calorie Counter account.

The Food Stalker Calorie Counter

Use this free online (and offline!) calorie counter to give yourself an understanding of your daily habits and meal choices. Over time, with regular use, you’ll find yourself becoming ever more motivated to nail your targets and get healthier. Who’s going to reach their goal weight? You are! With your own Food Stalker Calorie Counter account!

How can You use The Food Stalker Calorie Counter?

You can use The Food Stalker Calorie Counter to formulate, record, visualize, and stick to your diet. Want to be your own dietitian and health coach? Well, that’s just what this calorie counter allows you to do. You can use it to:

  • Record your Food and Exercise – log what you eat and your daily activity
  • Get your Targets – set and customize your daily calories and weight loss (or gain) goals
  • Monitor your Progress – see charts and tables which track your success over time

But wait, there’s more! The Food Stalker Calorie Counter can do much more than these core functions. The best way to understand how to use it is to just start right now . You’ll need a Food Stalker account:

Your Own Calorie Target

If you’ve already tried our Calorie Calculator, you’ll have an understanding of what a daily calories target is and how sticking to one will enable you to lose weight. You might even have taken a deep dive into The Food Stalker’s Calorie Deficit Calculator and plotted a simulation of your weight loss over time. These tools are great at giving you a good insight into what a calorie target is and why you should use one, but they kind of leave you hanging when it comes to the question of “how?”. That’s where The Food Stalker Calorie Counter comes in! It not only generates your calorie target, it allows you to actively record and pursue it. You’ll see your calorie target, and your updated daily progress towards it, every time you log your food!

Weight Loss Success

Calorie Counting: Five Steps to Weight Loss Success

The Food Stalker Calorie Counter is designed to help you through each of the five fundamental steps towards weight loss through calorie counting. Here’s a brief explanation of how, step-by-step:

  1. BMR: Our calorie counter works out what your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is, based on the inputs you give it. You need to know what your BMR is if you want to figure out how much energy your body needs to sustain itself. Your BMR is the baseline from which the tool applies standard formulae such as the Harris Benedict Equation to get to the next step:
  2. Daily Calorie Target: Based on your current body weight, future body weight goal, and activities/exercise profile, The Food Stalker Calorie Counter arrives at your daily calorie target. If you prefer to set a different target, you can easily edit the calculated number and change it at will. To burn about a pound of body fat, you’ll need to subtract about 3,500 calories from your usual diet.
  3. Track your Calories: This is where the “rubber meets the road”. The Food Stalker Calorie Counter tallies up your calories in real time as you enter them and compares them to your target. Day-by-day and over weeks and months, you can see how well you are sticking to your plan. You’ll track calories by recording your foods and drinks, with optional notes, and having their calories automatically added to your cumulative total.
  4. Monitor your Progress: As you execute your weight-loss plan, you will physically measure yourself and make notes about how you feel. The Food Stalker Calorie Counter presents this data to you in chart and sortable table format, so that you can visualize your success as it happens. If you think that you are losing weight to fast or too slowly, or notice the potential to improve your wellbeing, you can make changes to your diet and exercise regime accordingly.
  5. Stay Motivated: The hardest part. Anyone can stick to a calorie-controlled diet, but it is hard to do without real lifestyle changes. The Food Stalker Calorie Counter helps you to make real lifestyle changes because it requires that you take time out of your day to record your meals, think about your progress, and plan your calorie intake. After a couple of days, you will get into the habit of logging your food and making healthier meal and food-portion choices!