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The Food Stalker

The Food Stalker finds and displays calories and nutritional information for hundreds of thousands of foods. Our passion for food facts is driven by the need to help people to foster healthy eating habits and manage their body weight. We give you all the tools you need to record what you eat, so that you can control your food intake and count calories. Find out what’s in your food!

Stalking Calories in Everyday Foods

The Food Stalker is a must-have resource for Volume Eaters, Calorie Counters, DIY Dieters, and everyone who wants to control what they eat. We find calories and other nutrition facts for the food you eat every day. We put the information into an easily searchable database that you can use to find out what your calorie intake is on a daily basis. From blueberries, to eggs, to marshmallows, we’ve got you covered!

The Food Stalker has Tools for Counting Calories

We do much more than host a huge list of food calories. We also provide you with a simple, effective, and totally free calorie counter app which you can use to keep a record of what you eat everyday. You don’t need to use one of those “freemium” phone apps when you can make our fully functional, fully free, app your own right now. Get your Food Stalker account now!

Weight-Loss Tools

Want to find out how many calories you should eat per day? Or maybe you want to calculate your required calorie deficit or find your body mass index? Well, you can do this and more with our free tools! Whether you’re fine-tuning a well-researched meal plan or just discovering the wonderful world of calorie counting, you’ve found your go-to resource. We’re adding functions and tools all the time, so make sure you join our email list to stay updated.

The Food Stalker: Stalking Your Food

The Food Stalker writes about calories in food and all things related to staying on top of things when it comes to weight control. We try to find and deliver facts about the sort of food you eat every day, so that you get fresh reminders and insights to maintain healthy eating habits. You’ll find unique, easy to read articles and illustrated data here. Check out our “Catch!” page or dive into some of our latest posts right here:

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